sâmbătă, 25 iulie 2015


Do you want me to show you
the edges of universe?
I asked her.

No, she said to me,
I only want to live in a small room
where we could grow kids
and make tender love all day long
and where during the night
you would lock me in like a Cinderella
so that you can go out and see
other women.

But I do not wish to see other women
I only love you and if you
don’t want me to show you the edges
of universe
I will gladly live the rest of my life
in a cabin in the woods
with you.

Don’t be stupid, my dear,
you need your daily dose of inspiration
and I can no longer provide you
with that
for my pussy has turned dry
and I got wrinkles all over my face.

Oh, stop it, I know you don’t actually mean it
and this is some kind of testing
and I am not falling for it,
no, baby, you haven’t got wrinkles yet
and if your pussy turns dry
I will moisturize it with the morning dew
because you are one of the few
and I love the way you cook stew
and I also love you.

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