sâmbătă, 11 iulie 2015

Please ‘Like’ this poem

I like the new Like button
in my chat list,
one thumb up burning
and erect
like the blazing torch
of  the Statue of Liberty,
the symbol of appreciation
towards everything that
we like.

One Like has a single
it is able to enter our body
and expand itself
into our groins and bowels
like an endoscopic snake
until it finally owns our soul
and we like that.

I myself have the childish
satisfaction of
continuosly pressing
this Like button
like a retard who discovered
his pubic hair
(or, on the contrary, the lack of it)
for the first time.

It somehow owns us
and there is no possible
way to fight it
because its eyes are infinite
and sad
like those of a newly
born animal
and its torch shines
in the distance.

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