vineri, 29 aprilie 2016

One poor man can only hope

One poor man can only hope
for his dear Penelope,
Penelope cand only be
in the book of Bartleby.

Still, Ulysses hoped for more:
Dreadful Lady Nevermore.
But the Lady was for Steven
Dedalus, but she was given
to the writer they call Red,
hidden under his bed.

Yet another writer came
but nobody knows his name,
he and Red they want the same
Dreadful Lady, but then came
Leopold Bloom, what a shame!
His wife Molly now can blame
him for leaving with the dame.

luni, 25 aprilie 2016

Erai și tu acolo

Când Eva a mușcat din măr
și zeama dulce
i s-a prelins pe gât
ca un colier scurs,
erai și tu acolo.

Când Turnul Babel
a fost construit,
nu turnul a fost cel care
s-a înălțar spre cer,
ci cuvintele noastre prefăcute
și tu știi asta pentru că
erai și tu acolo.

Când Jon Snow
a fost înjunghiat de frații lui
tu știai că nu poate fi mort
pentru că ai
sânge Targaryen
și focul
îți curge prin vene.

Când Cristofor Columb
a descoperit lumea nouă
și a pășit cu piciorul drept
pe teritoriul virgin,
el purta una din sandalele tale
pentru că
erai și tu acolo.

Când m-am născut
și după o vreme am murit,
în tot acest timp
erai și tu acolo,
un pian însorit sub pielea mea
cântându-și aria preferată.

miercuri, 7 octombrie 2015

You know nothing, Jon Snow

‘You know nothing
dear Jon Snow’
she said to me –
her voice was low,
and when I rest
upon her chest
she bit me hard,
it’s wild wild west!

The night is dark
and full of terrors,
are you afraid
to make some errors?

Your mouth is sweet
and kind of juicy,
are you a diamond,
are you Lucy?

Now I confess
while you caress
my hair, and I
your brand new dress.

Our hearts beat fast
while they unite,
is this the last
time I might hide
within you hair,
so bright, so rare?

‘You never know –
she said – it’s simple’
I might be Jon,
might be a cripple;
then you dismiss
me with a kiss,
for ignorance
sometimes is bliss,
but I am conscious
while I dream,
so, please, do welcome
to the machine!

luni, 28 septembrie 2015

If the mockingbird don’t sing

Drink whatever water
the rain is willing to send you
because one day the lake you will
be swimming in
will become a mirror
sheltering your image.

Seek whatever truth
your heart is able to give away
because every lie adds to
the collection of darkness stored
within a blind lighthouse
seconds before
the perfect storm.

Greet with an open heart
whatever lover
who tells you goodbye
because the Broken Trinity
of the Broken Father
the Broken Son
and the Broken Holy Spirit
is the last joyful mystery
and the end of all guessing.

Accept whatever diamond ring
your mama is willing
to buy you
because the mockingbird
won’t sing at five o’clock when
you will be serving your
precious tea
but in the morning
at the least expected hour
when every absence
seems so real
and every presence

vineri, 18 septembrie 2015

Being afraid, Love asks its bare question

Being afraid
Love asks its bare question
robs us of our separateness
forces us too close
to one another
and we succumb to the feelings
become part of them.

Being afraid
Love is a dancing partner
who will shoot
the heels off your shoes
if you are a lousy dancer
and believe me
its bullets are not blind!

Being afraid
Love is a salesman
of fancy pajamas
for even fancier parties
because lovers
are embarrassed
to show up naked
on their first date.

Being afraid
Love is a false clue
in a private investigation
because nothing
can really kill anybody
when they need
somebody to love.

luni, 31 august 2015

You were there

When Eve bit the apple
and the sweet apple juice trickled
down her neck
like a melted necklace,
you were there.

When the Tower of Babel
was risen,
there was no tower at all that rose
towards the sky
but our insincere words
and you know that
because you were there.

When Jon Snow
was stabbed to death
by the watchmen
you knew that he was not
really dead
because you have Targaryen blood
and fire
runs through your veins.

When Christopher Columbus
discovered the New World
and stepped with his right foot
on virgin territory
he wore one of your sandals
because you were there.

When I was born
and after a while eventually died
all this time
you were there
like a sunny piano under my skin
playing your favourite tune.

sâmbătă, 29 august 2015

The wedding

Fuck the bride
said the groom
have no pride
and then bloom
said the spoon
while bouncing
the baloon.

The wedding
will be over soon
said the groom
and if we hurry up
we would be on the other
side of the moon
by noon.