luni, 28 septembrie 2015

If the mockingbird don’t sing

Drink whatever water
the rain is willing to send you
because one day the lake you will
be swimming in
will become a mirror
sheltering your image.

Seek whatever truth
your heart is able to give away
because every lie adds to
the collection of darkness stored
within a blind lighthouse
seconds before
the perfect storm.

Greet with an open heart
whatever lover
who tells you goodbye
because the Broken Trinity
of the Broken Father
the Broken Son
and the Broken Holy Spirit
is the last joyful mystery
and the end of all guessing.

Accept whatever diamond ring
your mama is willing
to buy you
because the mockingbird
won’t sing at five o’clock when
you will be serving your
precious tea
but in the morning
at the least expected hour
when every absence
seems so real
and every presence

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