miercuri, 7 octombrie 2015

You know nothing, Jon Snow

‘You know nothing
dear Jon Snow’
she said to me –
her voice was low,
and when I rest
upon her chest
she bit me hard,
it’s wild wild west!

The night is dark
and full of terrors,
are you afraid
to make some errors?

Your mouth is sweet
and kind of juicy,
are you a diamond,
are you Lucy?

Now I confess
while you caress
my hair, and I
your brand new dress.

Our hearts beat fast
while they unite,
is this the last
time I might hide
within you hair,
so bright, so rare?

‘You never know –
she said – it’s simple’
I might be Jon,
might be a cripple;
then you dismiss
me with a kiss,
for ignorance
sometimes is bliss,
but I am conscious
while I dream,
so, please, do welcome
to the machine!

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