duminică, 2 august 2015

The songless bird

From all the turtles in the world
I chose to love a songless bird
From all the pebbles in the sky
I chose The catcher in the rye
From all the buzzing honey bees
I chose a chocolate cake with cheese
From all the priests and holy faces
I chose a pair of shoes with laces
From all the disciples of Zen
I chose Catwoman & Batman
From all the mountains in Nepal
I chose to smoke some red Pall Mall
From all the famous Jedi Knights
I chose to read Wuthering Heights
From all the roads made of red bricks
I chose a detour in Twin Peaks
From all the heroes in Egypt
I chose to die in my own script
From all the sea horses and fish
I chose an Apollonian dish
From all the common bucket lists
I chose the woman with no fists
From all the flowers in the field
I chose the house that Jack once built
From all the mornings in September
I chose the one not to remember
From all the hells and purgatories
I chose a bag of rusty worries
From all the nasty cuts and stings
I chose to hide under your wings
From all the books of poetry
I chose Serghei & Dimitri
From all the horses, mules and sheep
I chose to haunt your beauty sleep

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