duminică, 21 iunie 2015

Scar song

I have more scars
than a war veteran
but despite their disgusting
women tend to find them

Not a single woman
has stopped dating me
after I acquainted them
with my scars.

First, they stare at my scars
as if they were some kind
of surreal masterpiece
signed by Dali
with a toledo sword
and then timidly
ask me
if they can touch them.

Then, they beg me
to recount the story of
each one of them
and are very insistent
about it.

So I chronologically
start my scar odyssey
with the one just above
the belly button (given at birth),
continue the journey with
the one on my left elbow
(won at a penalty shootout in
my early childhood)
and abruptly end my voyage
with the nastiest of all
(tumour extirpation)
along the femoral artery.

By the end of the story
some of my listeners are so impressed
that they begin to cry
as they bend over and tenderly
kiss my scars
as if they were some kind
of sacred icon.

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