marți, 23 iunie 2015

It´s not about

It´s not about
the one true love of your life
the soulmate you think
you have just met
but about all the others
you previously failed
to love.

It´s not about
the future you are dreaming for
but about the past
you were never aware of
and the present
you often dismiss so easily.

It´s not about
the one true God you think
you finally found
but about all the years of ignorance
before that.

It´s not about
the adorable kitten you are
now affectionately caressing
in your lap
but about all the others
you drowned
at birth.

It´s not about
private jets and bullet trains
but about the pedestrian walk
our ancestors used
for so many generations.

It´s not about
one inspired poem
but about
the previously aborted ones
and all the failures
that made you who you are
right now
and from now on.

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